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Dexalot Governance


Dexalot will implement a governance model as well as create incentives for it's loyal users in the near future. A strong community ownership and participation is an important goal for the project.


The 4-month period after launch will be critical for Dexalot’s long-term viability. The close support from the development team during this time would ensure that the response time to a possible failure is fast. The intention should be to keep this period as short as practically possible.

About two months of heavy usage would allow a fair assessment of Dexalot’s stability and security. If the usage patterns do not reach enough trading capacity in this period, it can be extended to be able to make a conclusive assessment in terms of system stability and security. If a conclusive assessment can be made for the Dexalot Exchange the following timeline is envisioned for its launch and evolution:

  • Q3 2021 - Testnet Launch
  • Q4 2021 - Mainnet Launch with multisig wallet
  • Q1 2022 - Transition to governance
  • Q2 2022 - Transition to subnet