How to install MetaMask

MetaMask is an application that allows you to manage account keys and send/receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies from your phone or browser. You will need a MetaMask account to start trading on Dexalot.

1. Download MetaMask from here. It will install as an extension in your current web browser.

2. Create a wallet or import your wallet

3. Connect MetaMask to Avalanche Mainnet
(You can do this automatically by going to Dexalot.com or manually with the steps below)

a. Use drop-down menu in Metamask and select “Custom RPC”

b. (The next steps are Dexalot specific)

c. (Enter Network name, New RPC URL, Chain ID, Symbol, and Explorer)

(Info from Dexalot settings)

Now that you have installed MetaMask and linked your account with Dexalot, click here to learn how to transfer funds from Avalanche to MetaMask to start trading.